Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hi everyone - its been ages since I last updated this blog. So sorry, am rather confused as to the objective of this blog - My Friend said a blog had to be consistent in its entries - meaning the subject must be consistent.

In my case I sort of don't have any particular subject that I mean to concentrate on. I write whatever subject or events that caught my attention.

I was intrigue by Furen L comment about "Land Matters". Seems like this had been a problem. Land matters are under the purview of the State. I hope the authorities concerned will look into this matter and solve whatever problems involving land such as overlapping ownership/application, whatever. I had also heard that there are people who lost money to so called 'agents'. tHESE AGENTS absconded with the money from would be buyers of land. Seems like it is difficult to trust anyone nowadays. What had happened to the morality of our people?

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