Friday, February 6, 2009


Two smalltime contractors were drinking coffee at a Coffee Shop in Inanam.

Contractor A: "Congratulations geng, you got a contract to build a 'balai raya', I heard?"

Contractor B: " Yeah - do you know that I had to walk uphill for a good one and a half hour to reach the spot where I am to build the 'balai raya'? "The road only reaches halfway, friend."

Contractor A: "Oh.......that's no problem, you can always hire the kampong folks to carry the building materials there or else, why not use local content?"

Contractor B: "You'er right, friend - think am gonna use local content......I'm building a log cabin instead .... he he he".

Both laugh sportingly at their predicament.

Contractor A: "You know I was awarded a project to build an iron bridge?"

Contractor B: "Why! that's great, you gonna be rich soon la ..."

Contractor A: "There is no road to that place la...I need a crane to place the iron planks you know?"

Contractor B: "You can hire the kampung folks lah or use local content?"

Both laugh sportingly at their predicament.
Where is the priority men?


  1. Profit of course! But...I am not really understand what is 'local content'?

  2. he he he entahlah mungkin bahan-bahan tempatan.

  3. english lagi...
    english lagi...