Monday, April 20, 2009


I was blog walking this morning. Suddenly, I saw a family's name mentioned amongst the many comments posted by various blogger. There were heated arguments, pro and contra about a so called survival of a nation. However, what sadden me is the many false accusations made against someone whom I know personally and know for sure is wrong and untrue.

There is nothing one can do, is there? when someone calling himself or herself 'Tanpa Nama" or "without a name", making such accusations? How can we bring one without a name to 'court'?
Can anybody help? - so sad to see the so called civilised citizen using such vulgar words when making statements or views. - "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita"

Friday, April 10, 2009


Hello friend
It's been so long since I last talk to you
Why therefore, do you say such harsh words
What have I done to you?
Did I hurt you?

When you need me, you call me
And as a sister I am always there for you
but when it is my turn
You turn away from me
and say all those nasty hurtful things

Who are you to judge
What do you know about sincerety
Are you?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hi everyone - its been ages since I last updated this blog. So sorry, am rather confused as to the objective of this blog - My Friend said a blog had to be consistent in its entries - meaning the subject must be consistent.

In my case I sort of don't have any particular subject that I mean to concentrate on. I write whatever subject or events that caught my attention.

I was intrigue by Furen L comment about "Land Matters". Seems like this had been a problem. Land matters are under the purview of the State. I hope the authorities concerned will look into this matter and solve whatever problems involving land such as overlapping ownership/application, whatever. I had also heard that there are people who lost money to so called 'agents'. tHESE AGENTS absconded with the money from would be buyers of land. Seems like it is difficult to trust anyone nowadays. What had happened to the morality of our people?

Friday, February 6, 2009


Two smalltime contractors were drinking coffee at a Coffee Shop in Inanam.

Contractor A: "Congratulations geng, you got a contract to build a 'balai raya', I heard?"

Contractor B: " Yeah - do you know that I had to walk uphill for a good one and a half hour to reach the spot where I am to build the 'balai raya'? "The road only reaches halfway, friend."

Contractor A: "Oh.......that's no problem, you can always hire the kampong folks to carry the building materials there or else, why not use local content?"

Contractor B: "You'er right, friend - think am gonna use local content......I'm building a log cabin instead .... he he he".

Both laugh sportingly at their predicament.

Contractor A: "You know I was awarded a project to build an iron bridge?"

Contractor B: "Why! that's great, you gonna be rich soon la ..."

Contractor A: "There is no road to that place la...I need a crane to place the iron planks you know?"

Contractor B: "You can hire the kampung folks lah or use local content?"

Both laugh sportingly at their predicament.
Where is the priority men?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I receive an SMS from a friend yesterday asking me to put on my "thinking cap" and e-mail her my 'wishlist'. Several days ago, I actually met her and We, plus a few other friends were discussing about the 'Wishlist' as advocated by our DPM. Wishlist will be within the contact of women in Sabah. The outcome were as follows:

1. The Government implement with seriousness the policy of 30% women’s participation in all decision making process.

2. To consider standardizing the Islamic Syariah Laws all throughout Malaysia.

3. The Government to build Hospitals solely for Women and Child. (Child means children under age 12 years old)

4. Authorities concerned ensure all new buildings to be build, provide suitable space for Day Care Centre for children especially for staff who will occupy the buildings as well as room for breast feeding. Employers to provide refrigerator for keeping breast milk for their employees convenience.

5. Ensure the media do not highlight any negative and sensitive issues as well as sensor violent scenes from being screened on TV so as to avoid influencing children.

6. Banned import of dangerous toys.

7. Urge men to participate in gender related issues/programmes.

8. Inculcate religious values amongst all citizens - religious knowledge in schools.
9. Equal opportunities for women as stated in CEDAW.
10. Allocate covered ‘Smoking Areas’ in public places.
11. Allocate more Clinical Councillors as well as Specialists for Sabah hospitals.
12. Provide more facilities for the aged.

In addition I would like these to be included:

a. Improve rural roads and drainage system.
b. Ensure all police personnel to be people friendly, while ensuring the safety of all citizens without projudice and malice.
c. Increase TV coverage on Sabah.
d. Local authorities ensure clean environment in towns and cities.
e. Teach history of the formation Malaysia in Schools.

Do you have anything to add? Please share. Thank you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009




A brief backgrounder:
Sime Darby has been given Cabinet approval to build a Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Labu. Many suspect this to be part of Abdullah's "midnight regulations".Labu is not in Malaysia Airport's KLIA expansion plan. In their masterplan, the new LCCT is to be near the Bunga Raya Complex.

The masterplan, an aviation editor told me, was already approved by their Board of Directors."The government is derailing their own objectives, vision and mission for KLIA (of becoming a hub) when it approved the Labu airport.

As it is, the present LCCT just opened its new arrival hall," the aviation editor said.
excerpts from Rocky Bru blog.

Thursday, January 8, 2009



Tears gets into my eyes as I watch the children in Palestine mutilated by the atrocities of the Isreail's bombardment.
My breath got stuck in my throat as I watch mothers crying for their dead children.
My head spins as I watch a husband carry his dead pregnant wife.
School, hospitals and homes crushed to the ground.
Children suffering, traumatic and frantically searching for lost parents.

Why are you silent? Chase the invaders of Palestine. Remove the illegal occupation of Gaza by Israeil. PBB, USA and Oh people of the world.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Meritocracy in Singapore?

The outcome of my blog reading marathon - I would like to share these excerpts.

The Charade Of Meritocracy October 2006
By Michael D. Barr - quote

"The legitimacy of the Singaporean government is predicated on the idea of a meritocratic technocracy...."


(based on research conducted by Ross Worthington in the early 2000s): - quote

• Of the top 30 GLCs only two ( 6.7%) were chaired by non-Chinese in 1991 (and neither of the non-Chinese was a Malay).

• Of the 38 people who were represented on the most GLC boards in 1998, only two (5.3%) were non-Chinese (and neither of the non-Chinese was a Malay).

• Of the 78 "core people" on statutory boards and GLCs in 1998, seven (9%) were non-Chinese (and one of the non-Chinese was a Malay).

Why oh why, I wonder why ? the stars twinkle in the sky!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I was reading and I saw this posting. I wonder if this Conned Crony is a Bumi Business man. Poor fellow.

My heart bleads for you.

"Here's an incredible story of an Umno crony in Bandar Razak who was given a contract during the March general election for 500,000 t-shirts, 500,000 stickers, 200,000 vests, 120,000 towels, 300,000 pens, 380,000 caps, and nearly a million other souvenir items but till today has not paid a single sen for them! So the crony lost a lot of money and had to lay off workers."

Thursday, January 1, 2009


HUGS N KISSES - what a big surprise! I received this e-mail from my friend Ruby. Thanks for remembering - I sent u my hugs and kisses too plus hugs for the kids. If more people send out love instead of hate, this world would be a better place to live in.


Wooooeeeee! what a lovely sight. I was walking along Gaya Street last nite. My small town girl's heart was pumping with delight savouring the bright lites. The street was lined with coloured lights hanging from the canopy of trees. I imagined I was that princes in the fairy tale books and that I'm in wonderland somewhere out of this world, where there is no heartbreaks.

I stoped by one of the many stalls where lots and lots of goodies were displayed to tempt my appetite. Nearby another stall selling glittering accessories attracted my sights. Little tiny trinkets, bracelets, broaches, rings, earings, you name it, its there displayed for everyone to admire and to buy if they might.

I met some friends and spent the nite drinking coffee, my favourite. The thundering drum and the fireworks lighted the night sky from the nearby field where the newyear revealers danced all night while popular singers belted out songs soothing to the ears. That's how I spent my New Year's Eve - how about you?