Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wooooeeeee! what a lovely sight. I was walking along Gaya Street last nite. My small town girl's heart was pumping with delight savouring the bright lites. The street was lined with coloured lights hanging from the canopy of trees. I imagined I was that princes in the fairy tale books and that I'm in wonderland somewhere out of this world, where there is no heartbreaks.

I stoped by one of the many stalls where lots and lots of goodies were displayed to tempt my appetite. Nearby another stall selling glittering accessories attracted my sights. Little tiny trinkets, bracelets, broaches, rings, earings, you name it, its there displayed for everyone to admire and to buy if they might.

I met some friends and spent the nite drinking coffee, my favourite. The thundering drum and the fireworks lighted the night sky from the nearby field where the newyear revealers danced all night while popular singers belted out songs soothing to the ears. That's how I spent my New Year's Eve - how about you?

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