Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I receive an SMS from a friend yesterday asking me to put on my "thinking cap" and e-mail her my 'wishlist'. Several days ago, I actually met her and We, plus a few other friends were discussing about the 'Wishlist' as advocated by our DPM. Wishlist will be within the contact of women in Sabah. The outcome were as follows:

1. The Government implement with seriousness the policy of 30% women’s participation in all decision making process.

2. To consider standardizing the Islamic Syariah Laws all throughout Malaysia.

3. The Government to build Hospitals solely for Women and Child. (Child means children under age 12 years old)

4. Authorities concerned ensure all new buildings to be build, provide suitable space for Day Care Centre for children especially for staff who will occupy the buildings as well as room for breast feeding. Employers to provide refrigerator for keeping breast milk for their employees convenience.

5. Ensure the media do not highlight any negative and sensitive issues as well as sensor violent scenes from being screened on TV so as to avoid influencing children.

6. Banned import of dangerous toys.

7. Urge men to participate in gender related issues/programmes.

8. Inculcate religious values amongst all citizens - religious knowledge in schools.
9. Equal opportunities for women as stated in CEDAW.
10. Allocate covered ‘Smoking Areas’ in public places.
11. Allocate more Clinical Councillors as well as Specialists for Sabah hospitals.
12. Provide more facilities for the aged.

In addition I would like these to be included:

a. Improve rural roads and drainage system.
b. Ensure all police personnel to be people friendly, while ensuring the safety of all citizens without projudice and malice.
c. Increase TV coverage on Sabah.
d. Local authorities ensure clean environment in towns and cities.
e. Teach history of the formation Malaysia in Schools.

Do you have anything to add? Please share. Thank you.

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  1. To ensure all the Bumiputra get their land applications and land settlements properly. (of course, their own land)